My favorite historical figure

History is full of great people. It is hard to choose one person. But since lately I am going a lot through Bible, I am very influenced by the characters there. Of course, Jesus Christ would be number one. But let’s not include Him because He is above all the characters.

So, my favorite historical figure at the moment is King David.

When I was reading about his life, I was really inspired. To me, he is somebody who is complete as a person. How to even describe him? His beginning was very humble. As a young boy, he was a shepherd. He played harp. Everybody liked David. Since he was little he was carrying lots of potential in himself. Very soon he became a King. But his whole life he was devoted to God, and he was ruling with justice. People were moving forward in his time. We will see that he is not perfect, he did some terrible things, but he stayed devoted to God for the rest of his life.

Everything that he was doing was resulting in success. David was a very capable and successful man. He was a warrior. But on the other hand, David was very emotional. We can see him cry several times through Bible. We can see him really loving and caring for other people. He really lived with justice and any injustice was a pain to him. We can see him praying to God, being devoted. Always humble, always on the ground. But he was not something special. He was not like prophet or somebody who was sitting under the tree whole day. David was not hiding. He was very active and he had great responsibility towards his people. He was a normal human being. That is why I like him. We can see him being scared, being sad, disappointed… He was living life. And he was able of feeling the whole spectrum of emotions. He had inner richness. He was a deep person.

At least, this is how I see him. I will not go through his story, I just wanted to share my impression about him. If you are interested to know more, read books about Samuel (1 Samuel, 2 Samuel) in Old Testament.

Who is yours favorite historical figure?

One comment

  1. 💜 Jesus is King Davids Ancestor and like His Ancestor He Lost His Way in to Jerusalem and Got Nailed to a Cross; then recovered, resurrected and, here, NO!!! Mention of Daniel in The Lions Den, Elijah and His Offerings (other prophets like Moses too), Job and His Suffering plus, of course, The Ladies like Esther who Doesn’t Mention God and The Marys, I AM NOT!!! even a Christian but I KNOW!!! The Bible Better than Christians because My Marvellous 👩 👪 🤱 is a Christian ✝️ seems like Christians Cherry 🍒 Pick to Me



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