Christianity, an organized religion. But is it really organized? How many sects and denominations exists just in Christianity? Catholic, Orthodox, Protestants, Baptisctic, Evangelistic, Apostolic… In fact, there is no need to go through all 45 000 of them. That’s right. There are more than 40 000 sects in Christianity in the world. Which one is correct? Which one brings the truth?

Being so divided is definitely a biggest wound for Christianity. It doesn’t look good in the eyes of people. 45 000 thousands types of people who can’t figure out which one is the best way to celebrate and live your faith.

I don’t want to make this philosophical since I am really nobody adequate for this, but I thought about it in my mind little bit. I am not a lover of organizations and institutions, but, I recognize the importance of it. And specially I recognize the importance of the Church. I recognize that it is Jesus’s institution on the Earth and I understand that we need it. Since I was a little, I was religious. With the time, I can see that beliefs from my youth are still carried on. I want to believe, I want to pray and be a good person and live a life of virtue, but I just can’t figure out which Church is right. If you are like me. You have this deep beliefs in yourself and you like to think about faith, wisdom, afterlife and many other important existential questions, but you are confused out of your mind when you see how many churches and paths to live religious life actually exist, then hey, I got message for you. It is not your fault! And it is not mine fault! You and me, we didn’t divided Christianity, we didn’t separate it. I didn’t separate it, I didn’t organize it, it is not my fault, so it isn’t yours! Christianity is divided long before we were even born. We got nothing to do with  it. This is why I said in the beginning, it is the biggest wound of Christianity. And you are wounded by it and I am wounded by it. We are wounded, because instead of certainty we have confusion.

It is complex world. At the end of the day, I think if we pray or just ask God or Jesus to help us and to give us guidance, I think that is enough.

I was born Catholic so I like to look at Christianity through the eyes of Catholic. But maybe you are born in some other denomination. At the end of the day, we pray to the same God and it is not our fault because faith is divided.

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